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ध्यान रखें इन ३ चीजों का, रहेगा पति पत्नी के बीच प्यार

ध्यान रखें इन ३ चीजों का, रहेगा पति पत्नी के बीच प्यार


पति पत्नी का रिश्ता बहुत ही नाजुक, अटूट और प्यारा होता है। इस रिश्ते को निभाने के लिए पति पत्नी को चाहिए की वो एक दूसरे के साथ समय बिताये। लेकिन आज कल इस रोजमर्रा के काम के चलते समय निकलना बहुत ही मुश्किल सा लगता है। यही वजह है समय के साथ-साथ पति पत्नी के बीच आपसी प्रेम और स्नहे खत्म हो जाता है। तो पति पत्नी के बीच प्यार को बनाये रखने  के लिए आज हम यहां पर बात  उन ३ चीजों की बात करने जा रहे है जो पति पत्नी के बीच  प्यार को बनाये रखने में मदद करेगा।

एक दूसरे का सम्मान करे :- अक्सर हम देखते की पति पत्नी के बीच सम्मान नहीं होता है।  बात-बात पर बिगड़ जाते है, अपशब्द कहना और  हाथ उठाना आदि के चलते पत्नी के मन में भी समान कम हो जाता है। इससे पति पत्नी को एक दूसरे के मन में नकारात्मक चीजे आ जाती है और भविष्य में वो कभी  एक दूसरे के साथ खुश नहीं रह सकते है  और हो सकता है उनका रिश्ता टूट जाये।  इसलिए हमेशा एक दूसरे का समान करे।

भावनाओ को समझे :-  पति पत्नी का रिश्ता भावनाओ पर टिका हुआ होता है।  इसलिए दोनों को एक दूसरे की भावनाओ को समझना चाहिए। अगर किसी कारणवश पति पत्नी एक दूसरे की जरूरत को पूरा नहीं कर पा रहे है तो उन्हें समझना चाहिए।

समय निकाले :- आज के युग और भाग दौड़ वाली जिंदगी में पति पत्नी  एक दूसरे के लिए समय नहीं निकल पाते है।  जिसके कारण  दोनों के बिच दूरिया बढ़ जाती है।  इससे बचने के लिए पति पत्नी को सप्ताह में एक दिन स्वयं के लिए निकालें  और  साथ में कही घूमने जाये।  ये चीजे पति पत्नी के बिच प्यार को बनाये रखने में मदद करेगा।







Tips to Improve Married Love Life

Tips to Improve Married Love Life

After a decade of marriage, often almost of the couples begin to seek tips to improve married love life because they can’t feel eager and infatuation as people had a start of marriage.  Gradually couple gets consumed with chores load and can’t make time for spouse, therefore, distance raised between both of them, a result of that marriage work without any affection.

If you are also in such a complicated situation, your marriage is not working well as you want, love, harmony, and affection get faded then you need to take help of Marriage expert astrologer. They have intuitive knowledge of the whole universe along with having experience of resolving issues more than 30 years.  His clientage is every growing and lots of people had been take avail of powerful services. So whenever you’ll go in a shelter of an astrologer, he will suggest you appropriate remedies through which all issues and conflict will get out of your married life and slowly- slowly your marriage work optimally.

Tips To Keep Harmony Alive In Marriage

Marriage is a true commitment of the couples, where both devote their life; strive to put happiness and affection in their life along with making it long lasting healthier. However, the couple keeps it for few months and years of marriage but along the way, unfortunate, they can’t keep it alive and resultant of that is harmony and affection get faded. Which they ever not imagine in their life, after that they start to seek tips to keep harmony alive in marriage.   If you are in this line then you need to take help of our famous astrology specialist. He is well-known astrologer who can resolve all kind of issues in short period of times, while it seems impossible as well bring back marriage/relationship as before. So whenever you’ll go in a shelter of him, he’ll recommend you appropriate remedies through which happiness and harmony will revive in your marriage as before.

Secret of Keeping Marriage Healthier For Long Lasting

Every couple works to make their marriage work good and for long lasting, but not all can get it done because of having a deficiency of ample times, lack of integrity communication and lack of understanding.  Once a while after having everything in a relation, a couple can’t stay happy together and seek the secret of keeping marriage healthier for long lasting.  If you are in the same situation, want verily to make your marriage long lasting healthier then here is best marriage expert astrology. They have immense of knowledge of resolve all type of issues along with provides a favorable result.  So no matter, from which situation your marriage is going whenever you will take help of them they will recommend you apt of remedies which will bring happiness and affection in your marriage and lead out all conflict and estrangement from your marriage. So rapidly make a consult with astrology specialist they will suggest you remedies make all things alright in your marriage.

How to sustain happiness alive in a marriage

To keep happiness alive in a marriage couple have to deal with many issues, that’s the reason, sometimes, happiness and harmony get out of a marriage and consequence of this couple get apart to each other.  However, this thing doesn’t happen with all couples because some of having a good grasp to each other, therefore, they can survive happiness.  But if you are from that couple, who haven’t good understanding and searching solution of how to sustain happiness alive in a marriage then you can take help of Marriage astrology specialist.  They will recommend you best remedies to deal with conflict and help you to sustain happiness and live in your marriage for forever.  So rapidly make a consult with astrologer and enjoy your rest of married life with happiness.




How to Stop Separation in marriage when One Partner Want



Marriage is not a relation for a day, a week, a month or a year. It’ a relationship for lifelong and this is the reason before marriage people do lots of investigation of bride and groom and even for their family because after marriage it gonna to be a relationship for life long. it’s a relationship between husband wife, where it’s both people’s responsibility that they make it like heaven but sometimes the Questions which comes by the people is how to stop separation when one partner want? Have you ever thought that why this Question has arisen? Actually as everyone knows that there are no two people in the world who have same nature, every person is different from others and this is the thing which creates problems in marriage relationship actually when both people come to share their whole life together then they feel lots of different habits of their partner and accepting this becomes harder for them and reason of that problems arise in relationship and at the end sometimes problems become too higher and resultant is one seeks for divorce. if you are the one who don’t want to take divorce but your partner want then you should take help of astrology for solving this problem.

Vashikaran mantra for attracting husband towards you

Are you such lady or a wife who is fed up with your husband cause of his extramarital affair he wants to take divorce from you? But you don’t want this? You want to save your relationship with him then you should use Vashikaran mantra for attracting husband towards you. By using this mantra you can easily make divert your husband’s mind towards you and can make him far from that lady. And in this, our astrologer will gonna make help you, you can make consult him and can get know that how to use a vashikaran mantra.


How to Save Your Marriage Alone?


Are you the one who is facing issues in your married life and the issues are that much increased that your relation is starting on separation turn. And you don’t want this to happen and you wants to save your relationship but your spouse or your partner is not supporting you then defiantly a thing which runs in your mind is that How to Save Your Marriage Alone? Is I am right? If you are nodding your head then you are at right place we are here to make help you. Marriage is not a game for a day or for a month or for a year, it’s a relation which is for lifetime and along with that the thing is important is that it’s not a relationship between you and your partner, it’s a relation between two families so cause of that any of problem occurs between you directly affects your both families and if you are talking about separation then it’s the biggest hit for your family because they never wants to see their children mean you, in that situation. so the cause of that we want to suggest you that whenever you feel any kind of problem in between you then try to sort out the matter Quickly and if you think that your all attempts are fails then you can consult to our astrologer and can get guaranteed solution for your married life.

Vashikaran mantra to save your marriage from divorce

Divorce is really not a good option for any married couple, no matter how hard situation you are facing or how hard the problem is, every problem have a solution the thing is that to you have to keep patience and try to figure out the solution. If you aren’t able to sort out the issues and cause of which problems getting increase day by day then a thing which can help you is Vashikaran mantra, take help of Vashikaran mantra to save your marriage from divorce. And make belief us that you will defiantly get the favorable and fruitful result.


Dua spell for husband and wife relation

Dua spell for husband and wife relation may be thanks to keep protected the relationship of two souls. Husband and wife relation is most beautiful and vital relation in the world. Normally all relation face problem in their life, If they will not take is serious then there relationship on last stage, Then dua spell is used for husband wife relation. Dua for good relationship it that prayer to god wherever we have some demand against god and do petition for complete our demand, it sayings says that if we tend to petition with pure heart then god will complete your demand.

Dua spell for good relationship with Husband

Normally many people used dua spell for their good relationship, we all know that everything is changed but memory doesn’t changed so everyone wants to spend their life happy and with good relationship, but normally dispute arise in all relations as like husband wife relationship. If you wish for good relation with husband then dua spell will take away the entire negative and sorrow thinking from your life. Dua spell is used for positive effect and loves. Normally use of dua spell for good relationship with husband. Strong dua spell for husband to keep him faithful.

Dua spell for good relationship with wife

Every husband wants that his wife loves him they always try for find his wife loves a lot, We know that many wife gone away from personal reasons, and wants back his wife so use dua spell for good relationship with wife ,Sometime we see and family and couple are depressed because of husband and wife quarrels habits. Their wants to solve out and change the habits but their get failure Using dua spell we can make good relationship of husband and wife, and closer and increase loves  between them.