Black Magic – Does It Really Work and How to Remove It ?

Black Magic – Does It Really Work and How to Remove It ?

Magic, as we all know, is the process when energy is used for supernatural activities. There are various assumptions of magic; a large no of belief is that magic is the thing that draws power from the human soul, although it depends on person to person what they will think about magic.

Magic is divided into two types; we call it white magic and black magic. Using the energy or power for a useful purpose, it is white magic. Black magic or Vashikaran Specialist is using the same enthusiasm for some harmful purpose. So using the spiritual energy on some excellent purpose like making anyone healthy is white magic. Opposite to it, like using the supernatural power to do wrong for any person, doing evil to that person is the black magic.


Some people say there are nothing like black magic, for some these things like black magic exists. As we all know, energy is there, and energy can be used both in a good way or a bad way. When any person just wishes some good things about any person, he has positive energy toward that person. Opposite to that, when a person thinks and wishes some bad thing to be done to another person, he has bad energy toward that person. So yes, this negative energy leads to black magic. But the fact is this negative energy is not doing much harm to you; if it is there, then it is only affecting you in a very less what is there that is affecting you more? It is the brain that is affecting you. You are just thinking more and more negative and just ruining your work. Where will it lead you?

It will lead you to huge negativity from where getting out is very difficult. It is because you are not even blaming your mind; you are always blaming the black energy. You are always thinking that everything is going on just because of the black power, and you cannot do anything. For example, If someone gives you something related to black magic, what will you do? You will just get scared, and you will think now something terrible will happen. So yes, things like black magic are there. That is just negativity. But the fact is this negativity is present very less; it is your brain that is doing more harm to you, not this negativity.


So yes, if we are stuck in the negative energy that is black magic, how can we remove it?

So first, you should make your mind stable as Black Magic Removal may be there. But the major part of the work as evil is done by your brain, not by any other thing.

Do dhyana daily as it will purify your brain. It will make your mind free of that negativity.

Many times people just ask sadhus or mahatmas about that, and they do some dhyana and many other things. So again, the black magic may be there, and it is removed, but again major portion is your brain that is getting purified. At many places, dhyanlinga is also used to remove black power.

So yes, many people think that black magic is there and many think it is not there. The thing is, energy is there, and when you use it, supernaturally, for some bad thing, it is black magic, and it exists. But the main fact is this negativity is present in very less amount it is the brain that is working as an evil. All we have to do is to purify the brain.